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Idaho Valve & Fitting Inc.

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Semiconductor Industry


Cleanliness starts with a commitment to ultra-high purity materials, followed by our manufacturing processes, cleaning specifications, and quality control procedures. At the local level we have decades of experience working with the semiconductor and high purity industries. Lean on that expertise for engineering support, product selection and specification, material science, tool ramps, and other capital projects where we have the ability and capacity to bring facility personnel and engineering contractors together to streamline projects.

Browse below to see how we support the semiconductor and high purity industry.


material science and corrosionMaterial Science

Cutting-edge processes often require materials engineered to handle corrosive media. Swagelok invests considerable resources to design and procure raw materials that can withstand environments and media where corrosion is significant.

Swagelok also offers material science training to help you and your facility stay ahead of corrosive media, and maintain healthy fluid systems. Whether you are new to the world of material science or an experienced professional looking for a refresher course you can find a training course to suit your needs. Click below for more information on material science training.




training available from swagelok iconTraining

Training personnel on proper tube fitting and VCR® fitting installation, tube bending, hose selection and installation, and more. Before your next ramp or capital project kicks off, get training that speeds completion, reduces unnecessary downtime, and ensures safety. Virtual options are available where in-person training is not ideal.

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high performance productsHigh Performance Products

Swagelok continues its storied tradition of investment in semiconductor process technology with products that meet or exceed industry specifications. These products include ALD diaphragm valves tested to 100 million cycles, DE series springless diaphragm valves, DRP series fluoropolymer valves, Swagelok® VCR® and Micro-Fit® (Miniature Tube Butt Weld) fittings, insulated hoses for chiller applications, FP Series hybrid hose for when ultra-high purity is critical and permeation to the atmosphere is undesirable, and many more.



swagelok engineering supportEngineering Support

Tap into the expertise and experience available through our field engineering program. Work with a local, Swagelok trained and certified engineer, who can bring resources and knowledge from all over the world in a fully collaborative environment. Get support on your next project, big or small. We have the knowledge and experience to help your facility design, build, and maintain fluid systems that are safe and reliable.

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design and assembly support from SwagelokDesign and Assembly

If you ever find yourself with more projects than hands, take advantage of our fluid system expertise for design and assembly support. We can help you troubleshoot or optimize existing systems, as well as collaborate on new designs. You can also count on professional assemblies and fabrication from our Swagelok® Certified technicians, with over 20 years of experience, for systems and subsystems that simplify procurement with one part number, improve safety, and decrease overall costs by allowing you to focus resources elsewhere. All assemblies are backed by the Swagelok® Limited Lifetime Warranty. Click below to learn more.




swagelok onsite servicesOnsite Services

Onsite Services are available to relieve the pressures that come with operating and maintaining a semiconductor facility in a highly competitive industry. Our field engineer and his collaborative, world-wide network of Swagelok engineers perform onsite evaluations of your fluid systems to help improve performance, reduce any notable inefficiencies to reduce operational costs, and ensure maintenance practices and procedures are cost effective.




healthy supply chain SwagelokSupply Chain Management

Having product on hand during a ramp or other capital project is paramount. Downtime can often mean millions of dollars lost per day or even per hour for fab, contractors and OEM alike. We can work with your team before your next project kicks off to help align supply chain needs and project schedules. Partnering with Swagelok allows you to focus on more important needs, and can help relieve the pressure of small or big projects.

Swagelok was recently recognized for their work and dedication to maintaining a world-class supply chain, and received the 2020 Top Plant Award from Plant Engineering magazine. Click below to learn more about what this means to you at a local level.

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personal development hoursPersonal Development Hours

If your company requires a certain number of hours geared towards professional development per month/quarter/year, we can work with you to help you fulfill those requirements. To that end, we offer training, lunch 'n' learns, and the occasional webinar. Upon completion we include a certificate with the necessary information needed to meet your company's requirements.