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Closed-loop Grab Sample Modules by Swagelok

Swagelok's Grab Sample Module (GSM) is a closed-loop, cylinder sampling system for use with gas, liquid and two-phase processes. Multiple options are available and the panels are easily customized to meet your needs. Whatever your unique or run-of-the-mill sampling needs are, we have a solution - with each assembly covered by the industry best Swagelok® Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Easy to Use
Each panel includes easy-to-follow steps to ensure users are correctly acquiring a sample as well as makes the process repeatable. Quick connects and sample cylinders come standard which allows for easy installation, removal and transportation of the sample for analysis. Geared valves are also an option. These allow the user to turn one valve which actuates the other valves at the same time.

Increase Safety
Whether your process liquid or gas is highly volatile, potentially toxic or environmentally hazardous, or under tremendous pressure, safety is always a top priority. Because these panels are made with Swagelok® components you can be confident that your people will be safe when using it. Each panel is pressure tested upon completion to ensure you receive an assembly that's ready to install and is leak free.

Quality Sampling
A representative sample allows your facility to make informed decisions that often times effect the bottom line. Pressurized cylinders protect certain gases and liquids that can change state when pressure is lost. Panels are also designed to minimize deadlegs and avoid other areas where system fluids or gases could become entrapped.

If you're concerned about the efficiency, safety or quality of your sampling systems or are curious to see how Swagelok can help you optimize your system, contact us by clicking below and we'll be in touch to discuss your needs.



Standard Grab Sample Modules