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Idaho Valve & Fitting Inc.

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How-To and Skill-Building Videos

How-Tos and Skill-Building Videos from Swagelok®

Below is a collection of Swagelok® how-to and skill-building videos. Many of these videos are a brief introductory, and if you would like to take a deeper dive into any of the topics below, you can schedule a virtual meeting with your account manager, Dave Ferrin (Eastern Idaho/Western Montana), Cody Clark (Eastern Montana) or engineer, Allen Crapo, by clicking their name below.

swagelok idaho field engineering

Allen Crapo -

cody clark accounta manager east montana

Cody Clark -
Account Manager
- Eastern Montana 

virtual meeting with dave ferrin

Dave Ferrin - 
Account Manager

- Eastern Idaho & Western Montana 


Click on the topic name to see the available videos:

Swagelok® Tube Fittings

tube fitting installation training with swagelok

Tube Bending, Material Selection & System Design

tube bending training with swagelok

Pipe Fittings & Thread Sealants

pipe fittings and thread sealant

VCR® Face Seal Fitting Installation

vcr face seal fitting gland butt weld

Medium and High Pressure Fitting Installation

medium pressure high pressure fittings fk series swagelok


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