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Get the right regulator, and get it assembled - right now

regulator assembly

One of the most popular customer requests for Design and Assembly Service is a regulator assembly. Turns out it requires a lot of time and resources to put together a simple regulator assembly, and our customers have turned to us for a quick solution that is leak tested, ready to install upon receipt, and covered by Swagelok's Limited Lifetime Warranty.

This pressure regulator scenario is common in most process facilities. Here are two ways to complete this common task.

Assemble yourself

Assemble with Swagelok

reg assembly pieces regulator assembly20
1. Design regulator assembly
2. Find and specify parts
3. Look up part numbers from possibly multiple vendors
4. Quote all part numbers from vendors
5. Order several line items as needed from vendors
6. Track and receive several boxes shipped complete
    or partial with parts from possibly multiple vendors
7. Warehouse several parts waiting for all to be received
8. Create work order, and schedule assembly
9. Assign work to qualified, trained assembler
10. Installer gathers tools and re-inventories parts
11. Hope it's all there and begin assembly work —
      this could take several hours to complete
12. Test assembly if test bench is built. If not,
      return to step one for test bench
13. Install non-warranted assembly into your system
1. Call us
2. Tell us what you're looking for or provide a design
3. Approve design
4. Order assembled and tested - one part number
5. Receive install-ready assembly
6. Install into your system

If limited resources and time demands have you feeling the pressure, why not have our Swagelok® Certified Technicians put together your next assembly? Put our expertise to the challenge, and focus on your more pressing needs. 

Contact us   or call 208.524.2342

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